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Sexual life " content with one's lot " but more macrobian

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"Content with one's lot person Chang Le " this common saying may be inspected by a lot of people truism, dan Fenlan researcher is newest discovery, "Content with one's lot " the life that conduces to the male lengthening his really.

In this research, researcher undertook investigating to many 22000 Finnish adult, the result makes clear, the man with those contented to the life taller feeling is easier and macrobian, but with respect to the female character, contented feeling and their life does not have immediate impact.

The Finland that is in charge of this research prevent Dr. Huokana of library university says: "The ability that the female deals with pressure and dissatisfaction is ambitious Yu Nan sex, for example those dissatisfactory to the life males are extremely possible drink down, or it is to pass smoking to alleviate pressure, and female criterion apt passes physical training or be recount to other, will seek the way that solves a problem. Will seek the way that solves a problem..


searcher thinks, "Content with one's lot " it is to point to to be opposite whole the contented degree of the life and career, include particular individual interest or interest whether get satisfaction entirely, or it is people whether can produce happy move below certain circumstance or frustrated feeling. Consider to show, the male with satisfactory to the life not high rate and photograph of male of content with one's lot are compared, dies because of all sorts of reasons odds wants tall double, and former the probability that dies as a result of sicken than latter is 3 times higher, the probability that additionally the male of those excessive drinking dies is higher.

Research returns discovery, harmonious matrimony, often physical training, frequent social activity, do not smoke, the man can be dropped on certain level " die young " odds东莞夜网

, meanwhile, opposite also is having inseparable connection between the life of sense of vivid content with one's lot and male.

Dr. Huokana says: "Those cannot build the man of affinity with spouse or friend, the ability that treats life pressure is 上海品茶工作室

weaker. "佛山夜网
" this considers to confirm, ' Chang Le of content with one's lot ' very important to the male, because a person lives in the society,be to make money not just fend, pay c上海品茶工作室
lose attention to oneself psychology and mental demand even. Pay close attention to oneself psychology and mental demand even..

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