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How does allergic also woman do sexual love

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One part female can appear after make love pudendaSao is urticant, remove measles, vulvaOedema, secretion grow in quantityAllergicSymptom上海水磨

, nevertheless, these females are not pair of sexual love this one behavior is allergic, be opposite however marital seminal fluid is allergic. Fox news points out the United States, those have passionAllergic reactionfemale, need not take the rebarbative medicaments that fights allergy before sexual life later, also need not use condom, because, can pass a kind of simple method completely now to overcome the occurrence of this one state.

One part female can appear after make love pubic Sao is urticant, remove grow in quantity of oedema of measles, vulva, secretion to wait for hypersensitive shape, nevertheless, these females are not pair of sexual love this one behavior is allergic, be opposite however ma上海水磨

rital seminal fluid is allergic. Because, protein of more than kinds of 10 antigen is contained in seminal fluid, to some females character is a kind of allergen. After the symptom of sexual allergy happens in sexual intercourse to end normally inside a few minutes, few number appears in a few hours even after a few days. Hypersensitive shape is met commonly disappear after appearing a few hours automatically.

Wear condom to be able to contact seminal and late unripe allergy in order to prevent the skin to react, but female of partial sex allergy is opposit上海品茶工作室

e not only seminal allergy, the chemical composition such as the emulsion that still contains to the place in most condom, lubricant, agent that reduce fine also is met allergic.

Can try the method below: seminal fluid dilute hind puts female vagina, let a female contact these slowly " small dose " seminal, let its suit slowly; Next, increase dosage gradually, every other changes 20 minutes dosage, till till allergy reaction disappears completely. Can solve a problem thoroughly so.

Using afore-mentioned methods while, should note the effect of sexual frequency. David J of expert of research of new York allergy. Dr. Resnick says, if husband and wife is bilateral coital frequency is too exiguous, afore-mentioned methods do not receive any results. Dr. Resnick thinks, constant key mixes the remedial dispute that adds the woman that sex frequency reacts to having sexual all上海水磨

ergy necessary.

Researcher discovery, make love every week at least two come 3 times, can enhance immune system, the intrusion that avoids allergy sufferring a gender to the female has very great help.

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