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What is the sexual desire that controls you

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Sexual desire is a person is big desire, but everybody strong weak level of sexual desire is different. Beautiful, flower medical expert carries long-term investigation, research, think following 10 kinds of factors are the biggest to sexual influence of the person.     

  1, genetic element 

Strong weak possibility of sexual desire is the eff东莞夜网

ect that suffers genetic element.   

   2, hormonal level   

Male is hormonal the biggest to sexual influence, if the mal佛山夜网

e inside body is hormonal on the low side, without giving thought to men and women, sexual desire all can drop.  

   3, sensuous is exciting  

Have the aid of wait for a feeling at vision,广州夜网论坛

taste, hearing, smell, touch, can recall excitement of nerval of male and female, call sexual desire thereby.

  4, before sexual experience and social experience

There was the person of happy sexual experience and social experience in the past, call sexual desire more easily; Conversely, call sexual desire harder.

   5, the time that recovers from an illness after sexual life

A lot of people are after sexual life climax, need the sexual desire that ability of period of time calls ano上海品茶工作室

ther times again, and the accident of this paragraph of time also because of the person different.

  6, environmental element

The atmosphere that is like an environment, temperature, seasonal, food how many, haveWithoutTake medicaments to wait.

   7, culture affects  

The ethics, 广州夜网论坛

law sanction to the person.   

  8, psychosis  

Be like anxious, scared, indignant, setback, Aching, uncomfortable reach bewilderment to wait.

   9, age element

Generally speaking, the male is when 18 ― is 25 years old, sexual desire is the most rising, and the female is in 35 ― 40 years old of sexual desire are the most rising. But increase as the age, male decreases hormonally, the skin is unresponsive, circulation of sexual organs blood is poorer reach life pressure to make of the personSexual desire drops.

  10, healthy circumstance

Only healthy body ability maintains normal sexual desire. If contract a disease (be likeEndocrine disease, the disease of genital official and other use up sexual disease) , your sexual desire gets enough greatly influence.

Anyhow, keep health of body and mind, balance, happy, it is the postulate that calls sexual desire.

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